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Florist Zone


Floristry has been a "cottage industry" with everyone trying to do the best they can with little help and cooperation. In the meantime, there has been a substantial growth of order gatherers and relay companies affecting margins and brands of independent florists. 


Australian Florist Network would like to offer that little helping hand with the aim of bringing florists closer together by sharing helpful information and providing a unified voice on issues affecting the florist community.


If you are a florist who is not happy with your current relay membership; the fees, websites, commissions, missing orders, etc, please contact us to discuss alternatives.


Our main areas of focus:

  • develop webinars on improving your business

  • develop local and national marketing initiatives

  • provide hints on getting the most out of ecommerce

  • provide marketing advice

  • specials on sundries

  • specials on flowers

  • lobby the Sydney Flower Market to offer trade only service

  • lobby to regulate the on-line activities of order gatherers

  • provide an avenue for florist to florist orders

  • develop a single market place for florists looking for work

        as well as those looking to hire staff


If you are passionate about any of those issues

affecting the florist industry and would like to join 

the Australian Florist Network, then please contact us:

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