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It has come to our attention that a company: (LFS) has been setting up websites for florists in Australia without their knowledge using Petals product images. These websites show local florists' name, address and phone number and have been showing up on Google Local as the local florist listing. We have advised local florists of this misleading practice.

We have spoken to Petals and they explained that the LFS website is run by a partner of theirs and that a "template issue" had mistakingly diverted the shopping cart  to Florist NZ. Petals had explained that it was an error which has been fixed and the shopping cart now redirects directly to Petals.            We note that the florist search function and florist directory have now been removed from the site, as well as their plug-in link to LFS facebook page following florists' unhappy reviews.                                    


Please be aware however, that listings are still visible on Google for florists who have been members of Petals network as well as those that have no connection to Petals, or LFS. Screenshots below demonstrate the practice of setting up listings that divert all orders from unsuspecting florists back to LFS and then directly to Petals. 















Below are examples of florists that are not members of LFS, or Petals and their details are used to gather orders for LFS and Petals: 

















If you come across any listings that use your details without your permission contact us immediately.                                                                                                                                                                                       

We consider the practice of order gathering to be a real problem for our industry. Using real florists' details is a deceptive and unconscionable conduct. Please report any such instances so we can stand up against it, to protect the unsuspecting consumers as well as the livelihood of hardworking florists. 


We call on Petals and LFS to immediately take down all listings that use florists' details without their permission. 




If you would like your own florist website for under $100 per month, please contact us.

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