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What's it all about?

Australian Florist Network promotes real, local florists, supplying full value flowers and floral arrangements. We provide a unified voice for the florist industry and a resource to help florists improve their skills and implement better business practices.

We believe that there is a real need for florists to be united in their efforts in competing with online order gatherers and e-tailers. We also need to improve our customer service and add value to compete with the growth of non-traditional gifts.


Florist industry has changed as on-line ordering evolved. There has been a tremendous growth in companies that gather orders from the internet and forward them to florists to make up and deliver. However, they also charge  massive commissions (30-50%) which are deducted from the value of the flowers before the order is given to the florist. Consequently a $100 on-line order, may result in only a $50 order received by the florist.It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish real florists from order gathering websites that are marketed as real flower shops. Google local listings can help in most cases. However, order gatherers are attempting to trick Google by pretending to be local, real florists. Always order your flowers from a real local florist, look for a local address and local phone number when placing orders on-line to avoid paying commissions to order gatherers.





Would you like to send flowers through a real florist, rather than order gatherer ? Learn more

List of order gatherers here


If you have any questions, or would like to join the Australian Florist Network, then please fill out the contact form below.  



All Australian florists are invited to join us in an effort to take control of our industry.

We are working on three main projects:

1. Affordable access to websites for florists who may not want to spend tens of thousands on building and maintaing a website and who do not want to pay any commissions to third party website providers.

2. Establish fairness in advertising, forcing internet order gatherers to:

a) communicate to  potential consumers how much commission is charged per order,

b) stop order gatherers from misleading consumers as to their location


3. Improving florists' access to wholesale markets without competing with general public. 

Australian Florist Network has joined forces with Flower Shop Network to provide benefits to  Australian florists. Membership strats from $44.00 per month. When you join us you will be getting access to a florist to florist sending portal, allowing you to send and receive orders from a network of over 6,500 members. 

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