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No hidden commissions florist-to-florist orders.

Florist industry has changed as on-line ordering evolved. There has been a tremendous growth in companies that gather orders from the internet and forward them to florists to make up and deliver. However, they also charge  massive commissions (30-50%) which are deducted from the value of the flowers before the order is given to the florist. Consequently a $100 on-line order, may result in only a $50 order received by the florist.

It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish real florists from order gathering websites that are marketed as real flower shops. Google local listings can help in most cases. However, order gatherers are attempting to trick Google by pretending to be local, real florists. Look for the Australian Florist Network logo to be assured that you are dealing with a real florist.



The Australian Florist Network encourages everyone to order directly from real, local florists rather than on-line order gatherers. 

You can be assured that anyone displaying the Australian Florist Network logo is a real florist, rather than an order gatherer. Any order placed with a shop displaying the Australian Florist Network logo will mean that the full value of your order is passed on to the florist assuring that you will receive full value for your money. 



If you would like to place an order to be delivered by a real, local florist, make sure you search crefully in Google local listings, check their website to see the local address.

Alternatively, you can contact the Australian Florist Network on 02 9683 2223

Please note that any orders placed through the Australian Florist Network will attract a $11.00 processing fee. Local florists will charge a delivery fee which is paid to delivery drivers. There are no other fees , or commissions.


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