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Some shops just look better.

Having visited hundreds of florist shops in Australia and overseas, I have noticed that some shops look better than others. Here are a few simple ways how we can all improve the general look of our shops. The way our shops look portray an image, not only of our brand, but also of our professionalism, giving potential customer the confidence to deal with us. I am sure that we all know these simple ways, it's just that sometimes we just need to refocuss on them.


Clean shop tells a customer that you are in control. While your work area might be a hive of activity and there are a lot of cuttings on the floor, do not let this mess spread to your shop floor.

Your counter should be uncluttered. Old order forms and invoices should not be seen by your customers. Boxes of plastic bowls with guards hanging of the side belong out the back. Dirty water in vases? - not only does it look bad, it smells and reduces the life of your product.

Product display

Some shops keep loose flowers on display, others only show made up bunches and arrangements, most shops have a mix of both. Please ensure that whichever way you display your product, it is fresh, clean and full. You may not want to keep too many pre-mades on display, that's fine, but what you do choose to display has to have an appeal. Empty shelves in between arrangements with an inch of dust on them are not a good look. We all smirk at the half-dead flowers displayed at service stations when we fill up our cars, don't let that happen in your shop.


Yes, florist job is hard, market at 5 am in the rain, your supplier forgot to prepare your order, the traffic back to the shop was horrendous, you dropped a couple of white rose bunches on their heads while unloading your van, you have a wedding to prepare and your staff called in sick. Then walks in a customer and you need to show them how happy you are to see them. No matter what happened to you, you are there to make their life better, they do not care about your issues, so smile and great them as if nothing happened.

You might be thinking that anybody not following these simple ways is crazy, but sometimes, we are all too busy, or too tired and we forget, or we get in a rut and we just let it go. Well pick yourself up and show us the passion which got you into this business in the first place. After all you work in one of the happiest indusries.

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