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5 reasons to buy flowers in November

1. Peonies

These are very beautiful, full flowers, but only readily available in November. They are sure to impress that someone special, or be a great compliment in any house.

2. End of exams/formals/graduations.

Many students sit their final exams in November, so a pretty, congratulatory bouquet will be a nice touch. Also, corsages are a must-have accessory to that end of year formal.

3. Melbourne Cup.

Fascinators are mandatory for a Melbourne Cup Day, as well as the rest of the Spring Racing Carnival. Floral fascinators are so much more fascinating! A gentleman should sport a flowery boutonnière. Also, if you are hosting a Melbourne Cup function, have flowers on your tables. Remember that a party without flowers is just a meeting!

4. World Kindness Day - November 13.

Surprise your family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, or complete strangers with a bouquet of flowers on World Kindness Day. It is easy, inexpensive and unforgettable to give someone a flower when they least expect it.

5. Name Days

A name day is a tradition that consists of celebrating a day of the year that is associated with one's given name. In many countries it is a celebration bigger than a birthday. Here are some more common namedays celebrated in November:

  1. Denise

  2. Tobias

  3. Sylvia

  4. Charles

  5. Miriam

  6. Leonard

  7. Carine

  8. Angela

  9. Stella

  10. Martina

  11. Anastasia

  12. Renee

  13. Brice

  14. Emilia

  15. Alberta

  16. Marguerite

  17. Klaudia

  18. Aniela

  19. Elizabeth

  20. Nikola

  21. Maria

  22. Cecilia

  23. Adele

  24. Flora

  25. Catherine

  26. Delphine

  27. Astrid

  28. Rita

  29. Svetlana

  30. Andrea

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